Height growth supplement
Substances in Ayurvedic body growth & Height Increase Course I

Each 250 mgsugar covered  product contains: -
Asparagus Racemosus  (Shatavari)      50 mg
Withania Somnifera  (Ashwagandha)     50mg
Lepidium Sativum      (Halo)                 50mg
Pueraria  Tuberosa (Vidhari Kandha)     100mg
Emblica officinalis  (Amla) Bhawna        qs

Ayurvedic body growth & Height Increase Course II

Each 250.00mg suger covered product contains:-
Ferrosa ferric oxide MANDOR BHASAM   200mg
Swaran Hit                                            50mg

Ayurvedic body growth & Height Increase Course III

Each 250.00mg suger covered product contains:-
Oyster spend (Mukta shukti Bhasam)   100mg
Emblica officinalis  (amla)                  100mg
Glyegrrhiza  Glabra (Yashtimadhu)     50mg

Ayurvedic body growth & Height Increase Course IV

Each 250.00mg suger covered product contains:-
KAMDHENU RAS                             75mg
Arogyavardhani  Ras                         75mg
Lepidium Sativum  (Halo)                  50mg
Family Name: Fabaceae
Botanical Name(s): Pueraria Tuberosa
Popular Name(s): Indian Kudzu, Red Indian Kudzu, white Indian Kudzu, Kudzu

Parts Used: TubersP. tuberosa is an important and prospective therapeutic flower in conventional and tradition medicine systems. In Ayurveda system the blossoms are used as cooling agent and as aphrodisiac, while roots act as a demulcent and refrigerant in fevers. The main tuber is madhur,tailiya , cooling, tonic, and successfully used in aphrodisiac, galactagogue and diuretic. It is also used to treat leprosy, blood related problems and bladder problems. It is used as an emetic, tonic and also considered to be a lactagogue (Kirtikar and Basu, 1933).In old day medication the main tuber is used for cleaning blood  of impurities  and to enhance sperm cell development. The  dried root powder reduces fat on abdomen. The intake of raw  roor for only 30 days ,results in to sterilization in females (Venkata Ratnam, 2006).

Latin Name : Glycyrrhiza glabra
English Names : Licorice, Liquorice
Sanskrit / Indian Names : Yashti-madhu, Yashti-madhuka

lycyrrhiza glabra is a definite natural herb in the subtropical and warm moderate areas. None of the liquorice varieties happens in Indian wild area. But its use has been documented in conventional literary works of medicine form years .

The major component of licorice is glycyrrhizin. Licorice is used for the treatment of bronchial asthma, serious and chronic respiratory disease and serious coughing. It modulates the defense mechanisms and has shown amazing immuno-stimulant qualities. It has an anti-oxidant action. It is a light anti-inflammatory for osteoarthritis and rheumatism and is used to cure stomach, duodenal and esophageal ulceration or swelling, symptoms of heartburn and oral cavity sores.

The flower contains phytoestrogens in the form of isoflavones such as formononetin; glabrone, neoliquiritin and hispaglabridin A & B. It relieves annoying circumstances of the mucous membrane, and give strength todefense system and provides resistance to persistent infections.

Lepidium Sativum
Botanical Name : Lepidium Sativum
Family Name : Cruciferae
Common Name : Garden Cress, Pepper Grass, Garden Pepper Cress, Pepper Wort.
Uses : Plant seeds are thermogenic, depurative, galactagogue, emmenagogue, tonic, aphrodisiac, ophthalmic ,bitter and diuretic. It is useful in leprosy, skin problems, dysentery, diarrhoea, dyspepsia, eye troubles, leucorrhoea, scurvy, bronchial asthma, coughing, cold and seminal weakness.

Roots are tikt ( bitter) and acrid. It is useful in secondary syphilis and tenesmus.

Leaves are stimulent, diuretic and anti-bacterial. It is useful in scurvy and hepatopathy. Plant seeds are abortifacient, they have been used as a poultice to discomfort and hurts and have also been used as an aperient. The seeds results is up to 58% of edible oil that can also be use for lighting.

Ferrosa ferric oxide MANDOR BHASAM

MANDOR have effect on liver organ and stomach, helps in treatment of their illnesses. Being easily absorbed (somya prakriti) by system, it is very useful for children Height increase. It enhances red blood cell count thus treats anemia and other problems brought by anemia.

MANDOR enhances the function of heart and give power to various body parts of the system thus helps in good growth of body system.

Ref: Ayurveda sarsangreh 19th edition V.Sawant 2054 ,Page no 136.137,138 SWARAN BANG

Swarn bang is a Rasayana thus gives power to whole body system. Swarn Bang is known for its permeh nashak and balaya qualities, its regular use enhances appetite, enhances function of enzyme and hormone producing glands of system. Swarn hit enhances digestion by inhibiting growth of harmful bacteria in digestive tract and system to detoxify thus enhances function of kidney too.

By helping in proper functioning of system organs and glands Swarn bang helps in good growth of body system and increases height. Ref: Ayurveda sarsangreh 19th edition V.Sawant 2054 ,Page no 229,230,231

MUKTA SHUKTI BHASAM has effect on stomach, liver organ & spleen. It improves jadharagni thus enhances consumption of food making body powerful, healthy and develop, calcium mineral material Makes bone powerful and to develop strong and fast.

Ref: Ayurveda sarsangreh 19th edition V.Sawant 2054 ,Page no 149 KAMDHENU RAS

Bal virya vardhak, poushtik, rasayana, cleans ras raktadi dhoshas and increases them revitalizes the body system. Kamdhenu ras treatments amla pitta, digestive tract and ensures easy consumption of ras-raktadi dhatus, thus makes body system strong, healthy and tall. Ref: Ayurveda sarsangreh 19th edition V.Sawant 2054 ,Page no 280,281

AROGYAVARDHINI RAS (VATI) is a Rasayana, improves digestive function, enhances appetite, purifies body resources, gives strength to heart, reduce fat, opens up poisons and waste materials, AROGYAVARDHINI RAS (VATI) works on liver organ, spleen, renal ,intestine, womb, hormonal glands, treatments their illnesses and encourages their working thus making body growth and height increase possible.

Ref: Ayurveda sarsangreh 19th edition V.Sawant 2054 ,Page no 261,262,263

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