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Are you worried about your height or you are are parent who is worried about slow growth of your preteen or teenage Child ??
Such cases of stunted body growth and slow or stopped height increase are increasing in number day by day due to heavy study load , sedentary lifestyle ,lack of exercise /out door games and increased junk food consumption.One must understand that there are no magic remedies for these problems ,it takes lots of effort and consistent effort to over come slow growth .You will need to change your lifestyle and make healthy changes in your daily routine to develop a good height,body and personality which plays a critical role in your life and carrier . It is advised that one should start correcting lifestyle as soon as possible by including good eating habits and
doing regular exercise ,which can help in good development of body and personality . We are here to help you and guide you to choose a way to solve this issue and develop a good body and personality with the help of Ayurveda and Yoga .
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* Result may differ from client to client and there are no guarantee of any kind.
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